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Featured Artists
Silver Brush is proud to be associated with these and many other artists. These  celebrated artists and teachers have unique styles of painting and undeniable creative talent. We have created a range of products, to the specifications of each artist.
Click on any artist's photo to take you to the artist's page and links to their own web sites, where you'll find interesting information, class and exhibition schedules and much more.

JoAnna Arnett photo
Joe Anna Arnett
Floral, Still Life & Landscape
Artist & Teacher
Peggy Baumgaertner photo Margaret Carter Baurgaertner image map
Margaret Carter Baumgaertner
Bill Deloach Bill DeLoach photo
Bill De Loach
Artist & Teacher
in Oils & Acrylics
Joseph Fettingis photo Joseph Fettingis photo
Joseph Fettingis
Artist & Teacher in Watercolors

Bobbie Gray, CDA photo Bobbie Gray photo
Bobbie Gray, CDA
Decorative Artist

Daniel E. Greene Photo Daniel Greene photo
Daniel E. Greene, NA
Portraits in Oils
Teacher & Author
Kathi Hanson Photo Kathi Hanson photo
Kathi Hanson
Artist & Teacher
Peggy Harris Photo Peggy Harris image
Peggy Harris
Artist & Teacher in Acrylics
Deborah Kepes photo Deborah Kepes photo
Deborah Kepes
Portrait Artist
Everett Raymond Kinstler Photo Everett Raymond Kinstler image
Everett Raymond Kinstler, NA, AWS
Portraits & Landscapes
in Oils & Watercolor

Robert Liberace
Robert Liberace
Portraits, Landscapes

Robert Liberace Photo Johnnie Lilliedahl
Johnnie Lilliedahl
Artist & Teacher
Johnie Lilliedahl Bart Lindstrom
Bart Lindstrom
Still Life & Portrait Artist
Marvin Mattelson photo Marvin Mattelson photo
Marvin Mattelson
Susan Louise Moyer photo image Susan Louise Moyer image
Susan Louise Moyer
Silk Artist
Johnnie Lilliedahl link Thomas V. Nash Photo Thomas V. Nash image
Thomas V. Nash
Portraits in Oils
Michael Shane Neal photo Michael Shane Neal photo Michael Shane Neal photo
Michael Shane Neal
Portrait, Landscape
& Still Life
Earline Padgett Photo Earline Padgett image
Earline Padgett
Artist in
Oils, Watercolor & Acrylics,
Teacher & Author

Dean Paules photo
Dean Paules
Portraits, Realist & Teacher

Morgan Samuel Price photo Morgan Samuel Price photo
Morgan Samuel Price
Plein Air Oils & Watercolor

John Howard Sanden Photo John Howard Sanden image
John Howard Sanden
Portraits in Oils,
Teacher & Author,
Founder of The Portrait Institute
Nelson Shanks image map Nelson Shanks image
Nelson Shanks
Portraits in Oils
Teacher and
Founder of Studio Incamminati
Burton Silverman, NA image Link to Biurton Silverman Products
Burton Silverman, NA
Figure Painting, Illustration
& Portraits in Oils
Johanna Spinks image Johanna Spinks photo
Johanna Spinks
Classical Oil Portraiture
Luana Luconi Winner image
Luana Luconi Winner
Portrait & Figure Painting

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