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Earline Padgett image
Earline Padgett began painting when her husband bought her a Christmas gift of art classes.
She taught her first Society of Decorative Painters convention class in 1984. Earline has taught oil and watercolor classes at seminars and conventions across the United States and Canada, since then.
She regularly writes for decorative painting magazine and demonstrates and teaches for Silver Brush at many national and international conventions.

Earline enjoys sharing art with beginners and considers herself truly blessed to be able to share it with others.

EP-2015S Padgett Brush Set image
EP-2015S 3 Brush Specialty Stroke Set
2000S - 6 Golden Natural™ Round
2512S - 1/2" Ruby Satin™ Dagger Striper
2515S - MD Ruby Satin™ Pointed Triangle

Earline Padgett talks about her love for
Black Velvet™ brushes:

"The best performance only comes from the highest quality tools. Black Velvet is the best I've ever used for watercolor. The blend of natural squirrel hair with synthetic filaments combines for excellent carrying capacity with control, spring and precise pointing. They are full bodied and have wonderful snap!

As a teacher, I provide loaner brushes for class use. I've found Black Velvet to have consistent quality and excellent strength to resist wear. Of the many shapes and sizes available, my favorite is the versatile Oval Wash - which offers not only a broad wash, but also a long slender edge and a fine point. I never hesitate to recommend Black Velvet to my students."

Earline Padgett talks about why she chooses
Ruby Satin™  brushes:

"Painting is easier with the Ruby Satin. Their unique synthetic filaments are firm and responsive, provide excellent control and return to a sharp chisel edge or fine point. Ruby Satin brushes are extremely durable and enable the artist to do things you want, without worry of ruining the brush.
I love the selection of shapes and sizes available in Ruby Satin! They are remarkably versatile - performing equally well with thicker oil paints or multi-load acrylics for stroke work. You can trust their quality and performance."

SS-EP601 Earline Padgett Stroke Guide image

SS-EP601 Reusable Stroke Practice Guide

This sturdy, reusable plastic coated sheet is the perfect tool for practicing decorative stroke work. The ideal tool for improving painting techniques with ease.
After painting with acrylics or oils, simply wipe the sheet clean and re-use.

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